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Clementine’s Rundu fashion show on the cards 

2021-11-22  John Muyamba

Clementine’s Rundu fashion show on the cards 
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John Muyamba

RUNDU – Clementine’s Creations will host the Rundu fashion show this December. The fashion show aims to promote local brands from the river town in Kavango East. Wayidiva Clothing and New Feeling boutique are some of the participating brands but more are set to showcase their fashion products.

The fashion show is set for 4 December at the Kavango East Regional Council Auditorium. ‘’It’s a fashion show where local brands and shops in Rundu come together to showcase their collections,’’ said the event organiser, Clementine Simbaranda, who is also a model.

‘’The show will be held for no more than two hours – from 17h30, whereas the first 20 minutes will be used to engage with the attendees and take pictures, since there will be a red carpet,’’ she noted.

In February, Clementine founded Clementine’s Creations, with the slogan: ‘Inspired by the fear of being ordinary’, a brand she wants to turn into a household name.

She said “I didn’t think people were actually going to respond positively to it but they did. My brand is all about creating things that we cannot find in our usual shops like certain kinds of clothing, customised bath salts and key chains,’’ she said.

‘’I wasn’t reaching a wider audience; I wanted everyone to know and see what I was able to sell, so I thought of a fun way to display it, which is a fashion show. I wanted it to be just for my brand but then it would’ve been short and boring – and then the idea of including other brands came in, and brand owners are excited to be part of this exciting experience,’’ she noted.

Apart from being a model, Clementine is a second-year student, pursuing an Honours Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism at Limkokwing University in Botswana but due to Covid-19, she decided to take a gap year.

‘’Fashion has always been part of my life, and I enjoy creating new things. Please come in numbers and support us. We need your support. We won’t disappoint. It’s going to sweep you off your feet,’’ she promised.


2021-11-22  John Muyamba

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