• June 6th, 2020

Club 74 elates Hosea KuÞako PS learners

Youth Corner, Entertainment
Youth Corner, Entertainment

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Joy, excitement, ecstasy was written all over the young, vibrant and innocent faces of leaners this particular this Friday when members of Club 74 positively invaded the premises of the Hosea KuÞako Primary School. Members of the club were welcomed like heroes and heroines by teachers, parents, and other members of the community, especially the learners. It is like the visit of the club to the school was ancestors-sent, and crediting its name to erstwhile Ovaherero paramount chief, Hosea KuÞako, after whom the school is named, it would not be surprising that indeed the club must have been imbued by his spirit to visit the school. “We love you,” went the crescendos from the throngs of learners who had formed a guard of honour to receive their would-be heroes and heroines. Prior to the visit, word had gone around that Aminuis was in for an invasion by the club members. And this indeed proved more than an invasion. Club 74, which started as a social organisation but is quickly transforming into a community self-help philanthropic entity, entreated the settlement of Aminuis in the Aminuis Constituency last Friday for a weekend of engagement with the learners of the school, which entailed the award of certificates to the best performing learners in the various grades at the school. These are Roman Mouton (Grade 2), Kamutuua Kambunguru (Grade 3), Pezeinja Kandjii (Grade 4), Venangarasi Ngarizemo (Grade 5), Queen Muariaṋi (Grade 6) and CJ Kambatuku (Grade 7). The club comprises those born in 1974, the same year the Chief Hosea Kutako Primary School opened its doors to learners. “We felt that as a group of young Namibian men and women we should do something for this school. We came together and have decided that we are going to give stationery to the school and also to share what we have studied,” club president, Rijamekee Nguvauva, stated earlier. And indeed the group lived up to its promise last weekend surprising all and sundry. Too many people have made too many promises to the school most of which until last Friday remained unfulfilled. That is why the school’s teaching and working staff were caught by surprise to see last Friday a cortege of cars with the club members invading the school premises, only realising there and then this time around the promise was for real. For the whole weekend the school was a hustle and bustle as the energetic and vibrant club members breathed fresh air into the school with various activities. These were a handing over of school stationery, the award of achievement certificates to each best learner in each grade and eventually career guidance. This was only the beginning of better things for the school courtesy of Club 74 having committed itself with the first visit to the school to the renovation of the 44-year-old school hall, which is very much in need of a touch-up, perhaps to be the first ever in its 44-year lifetime.
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