• November 19th, 2018
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Coetzee brothers open 2018 with mouth-watering auction

Farmers Forum
Farmers Forum

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The small-stock auction calendar for 2018 promises to start off with a bang with the annual sought-after production public sale by the Coetzee brothers, Zirk and Xico, next Monday at the Namboer pens in Windhoek. The auction normally attracts big numbers of communal, emerging as well as commercial farmers eager to start restocking their herds with some of the best genetics available. Guest sellers Christie Labuschagne, Francois van Rensburg, Dirk van der Merwe, Rhozetta Boerbok Stud and Louis van Schalkwyk will be offering top quality Boer Goats, Savannah, Kalahari Red, Van Rooy Damara Veldmasters and Dorpers as well as Persians. Breeders are expected from far and near to pay anything between N$32,000 and N$46,000 for immaculate Boer Goat rams of the two brothers. Close to 200 animals will come under the hammer and high average prices are expected. The two brothers told Farmers Forum that the correct selection for pairing of animals during the mating season is of vital importance in search of high quality genetics. They are always impressed with the enthusiasm of buyers which reflects the positive attitude of Namibian farmers even in drought years. “We have a responsibility to guide prospective buyers and producers on their choice of ram and ewe material in order to increase production in their herds,” they note. Last year, the average price for Boer Goat rams was N$18,388. The most expensive Damara ram went for N$15,000 while a Van Rooy ram of Francois van Rensburg fetched N$12,000.
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2018-01-30 09:45:24 9 months ago

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