• February 24th, 2020

Collaborating for humanity

There are so many people in the world. You are almost always guaranteed to see one every single day. In person or online, human beings galore!

Humans are the strongest and smartest species ever to have walked the face of the earth, we are amazing in more ways than we really care to acknowledge.

Yet, with all our smarts and strengths, I don’t know how time and again we turn against each other and go out of our ways to hurt, kill and even eliminate each other.

All these technology and developments yet we still can’t find a way to live in harmony with other humans. We can send a man to the moon and back, we can build complex structures, even islands but we just seem to come short of building peaceful and fair relationships. Sometimes people forget that we are more than just flesh and blood.

Was there ever a point in history since we started making machines and building complex structures where we had peace? With every new industrial wave comes a state of chaos that makes us lose a bit of our humanity.

There seems to always be some place in the world that is involved in some sort of conflict, people fighting against each other, that’s just crazy. But yet, peace will benefit more than what will come out of the conflict.
The funny thing is that we need each other more than not, for our survival as a species. We have seen what can happen when we are at odds with each other and pulling in different directions.

Clearly, the spirit of Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu is not as prevalent and practiced as it was intended to be, while most of the youth is open to collaborations, it’s not a whole community that embraces them, especially some older members of the society. It becomes a little difficult to pull in the same direction.
We will go no way or move very slowly to get anything accomplished. We can’t have that.

Probably more than ever, we need to unite and work together where we can and should. Things like global warming and diseases are constantly at our door and if they are not given the necessary attention, we could be in trouble.

Hopefully, we will continue and increase our cooperation with others while at the same time safeguarding our individual talents and abilities.
“One for all, all for one.”

*Olavi Popyeinawa has a diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is currently studying law, LLB at the University of Namibia. He writes on youth matters. Find him on Instagram: olavi_popyeinawa, Facebook: Olavi Popyeinawa and Twitter: @ OlaviPopyeinawa

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