• July 18th, 2019
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Comic Lloyd dares Africa, Europe


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-After scooping the ‘Last Comic Standing’ at the Free Your Mind comedy awards Derick Sakarias, popularly known as Lloyd in comedy circles, will dare Africa and Europe beginning end of November until December. Lloyd will be taking his one-man show on an international tour as a solo comedian, starting first in Africa, before proceeding to Europe. He will make his first stop in Monkey Bay in Malawi; proceed to Victoria Falls in Zambia and perform in northern Mozambique. Lloyd says he will perform his ‘relatable jokes’, which he describes as relating to everyday’s situation and things that are currently happening on a daily basis. He will also perform his ‘on-site comedy’. “These types of jokes are when you moved to any new place, and start making fun of everything around you, and the whole situation by getting into a character,” Lloyd says. With this international tour, Lloyd wants to explore and broaden his knowledge in comedy, by exposing himself to other African cultures through comedy. “I don’t only plan to be a ‘King of Comedy’ in Namibia, as young as I am. I want to build an empire by being known inter-continentally,” he explains. After the African tour, Lloyd will again proceed to Berlin, Germany, where he will perform his one-man show, by dishing out jokes based on Namibian and African history. “I will serve as an ambassador of Namibia-Africa comedy to the German people, which will open doors to local African comedians to go and perform in Germany, and also open links for the German comedians to come and perform in Namibia.”
New Era Reporter
2017-10-13 12:07:03 1 years ago

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