• February 25th, 2020

Commonwealth  Business Club to assist  with trade links

WINDHOEK – This week Monday saw the official launch of The Commonwealth Business Club, whose sole aim will be to assist in the development of new trading links between businesses across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.  

The Commonwealth Business Club aims to provide advice, support and an independent networking and trading platform where small businesses from throughout the Commonwealth can promote their products and services and develop sustainable as well as long-term international trading partnerships.

The Commonwealth Business Club will also organise an annual calendar of conferences and trade missions to assist in the development of trade across the Commonwealth. The aim of the club is to make international trade feasible and affordable for all small and medium sized businesses throughout the Commonwealth and by doing so strengthen the economies of Commonwealth nations.

Staff Reporter
2019-03-06 10:35:35 | 11 months ago

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