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Community hostel receives beds

2019-03-06  John Muyamba

Community hostel receives beds

KAKEKETE - Cocoma Junior Primary School located at Kakekete village deep in the forest hinterlands of Ndiyona Constituency received beds to alleviate the shortage of bedding at the community hostel.
The learners currently sleep on mattresses on the ground in overcrowded makeshift structures made of wood, grass and mud walls.

The school has 101 learners from Grades 1 to 4 and out of that total number, 84 are in the community hostel.
Robby Amadhila of Roama Gates from Ondangwa on Monday delivered 30 beds to the needy school, these beds which were donated by himself and some of his friends who felt the learners needed it, are double beds which can accommodate learners up and below and can cater to some 60 learners sharing. “It’s important that education is given the support it needs, the video that was trending on social media probably shocked a few and I wanted to come see for myself and I’m not shocked to see what is here, this is real life and it’s not only this kids that have to go through these conditions probably all of us went through this and some even worse. It’s a social responsibility for businesses. It’s my duty to donate, I’m not doing you a favour,” Amadhila said.

“Even when you are hungry, take your books, these conditions will not determine your future, what is limiting you from becoming a doctor or a teacher is yourself not the sky. So, what I see here is children that is full of hope, our children, for now I will not promise anything but obviously my mission will not end here, I will go back and I will still talk to my colleagues and see what can possibly be done, if nothing comes out, we all know the economic conditions but I will try and I hope I will succeed,” Amadhila added.

“Others will still donate, two ladies want to donate two precast wall buildings for the kids and I will facilitate that,” he added.
The school is run by a principal and two temporary teachers who are currently undergoing in-service training through a ministry of education program with the University of Namibia.

Cocoma Junior Primary School is a government school, the school is a one block building consisting of two classrooms and a storeroom, it is also located in a conservancy were they mingle with wild animals and the conservancy is near Khaudum National Park.

“Today we are excited that we are being given beds for our learners to sleep on,” said the school principal, Moses Ndumba.
“We opted to establish a community hostel because some of our learners used to walk long distances to get to school and many children were just at home without coming to school due to the distance where they reside at surrounding farms and villages, so we decided to build some traditional structure to accommodate these kids in order for them to get education,” Ndumba said.

The principal also noted some learners would miss school because they came across an elephant and ran back home. 
“With those challenges, in 2017, we came up with the idea of a community hostel,” he said.

2019-03-06  John Muyamba

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