• October 21st, 2020

Cops seize N$100 000 from robbery suspects

The police have impounded two vehicles, two shotguns and N$100 000 cash from three suspects linked to the cash-in-transit robbery at the Black Chain mall in Katutura on Sunday. 

City Police chief Abraham Kanime said the three suspects are expected to appear in court following their arrest on Sunday. Other suspects are still at large. 
Preliminary police reports indicated on Monday that eight suspects robbed two Southern Cross Security Services guards at gunpoint while they were busy loading boxes of money into their pickup vehicle. 

According to Kanime, the suspects, who are still on the run, are well-known armed robbers in Windhoek and all efforts are being made to ensure they are apprehended. 
Kanime confirmed yesterday a Silver VW Polo hatchback and a Toyota Hilux single cab pickup, with a fake registration number N125-050W, was impounded by the police. 

Kanime also added that the suspects allegedly deposited cash into their personal accounts following the robbery. 
“Two suspects deposited money directly into their private bank accounts. One deposited N$80 000 and the other deposited N$20 000. One was given N$80 000 cash and refused to shed more light where he put it,” explained Kanime, who added the stolen money is estimated to be N$790 000. 
Kanime was adamant the money would be recovered. 
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Loide Jason
2020-09-23 09:26:58 | 28 days ago

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