• April 24th, 2019
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Councillor acts on social grant abusers


Loide Jason Ongwediva-Anamulenge constituency councillor Werner Kalipi has undertaken to educate social grant recipients not to misuse the funds but to use them to their intended purpose as part of the new year resolutions. Kalipi said he will particularly target those who receive the money on behalf of the recipients as these funds are prone to abuse. The councillor made the commitment during a recent interview with New Era. A visit to his constituency in Omusati Region exposed a situation where many pensioners appeared to not have access to their monthly social grants as they are received by people in faraway towns all over the country. “I have already started educating my people. I was shocked when I found an elderly man sleeping on the corrugated sheet as a bed and one blanket. This prompted me to take action as a national leader. I will not let my people, especially the elderly, to suffer while the government provided for them,” stressed Kalipi. “It was uncalled for to see an elderly personer using a corrugated sheet as a sleeping bed just because someone does not want to buy a bed and mattress for the owner of the money to sleep comfortably.” Kalipi said due to his educative campaign some people in far-away places have already been replaced by relatives who live with or closer to the pensioners to help make funds easily accessible. Kalipi, who is also a member of parliament in the National Council, warned those who are currently not putting the social grants to its intended use to stop doing so forthwith. Meanwhile, the councillor said that if funds are made available he would make sure that he assists poor farmers through the micro finance program in order to boost their farming skills. He said he will also prioritise the electrification of rural growth points if the financial resources permit. The councillor further said he will make arrangements for the construction of the gravel road to public institution such as schools and clinics which are inaccessible during the rainy season.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-10 09:35:30 1 years ago

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