• July 4th, 2020

Councillor reaches out to communities 

Lorato Khobetsi-Slinger

The Gibeon regional councillor, Jeremiah van Neel, recently met with members from communities in his constituency to deliberate on how his office can assist to improve service delivery in their areas.
Councillor Van Neel was accompanied by representatives from various government agencies to give an opportunity for communities to directly engage relevant authorities to find amicable solutions to their problems.

During his meeting in Amperbo, located about 80km east of Mariental, the community made suggestions for further improvements on services such as the extension of water supply and youth employment initiatives to prevent crime and drug abuse.

Some residents of Amberbo said they are generally happy with the basic services offered thus far, but they want those services improved.

“There is a kindergarten and a clinic but it is incomplete. We were provided with pipes and a few taps for water – now we have several water points. We have electricity but there are a lot of houses without electricity,” said one of the residents, Alvera Jantze. 

Other community members also suggested the representative from rural water supply adds more taps to address the water cut setback caused by the community members, which prevent others from receiving water at their residences.

Van Neel and his team also came up with a number of solutions to address the community concerns regarding the water supply issue, such as meeting with the rural water supply division and setting up a water committee to look into issues. 
The councillor also held consultative meetings with community members from Kriess settlement and Gibeon village. 

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2020-02-26 07:19:55 | 4 months ago

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