• July 18th, 2019
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Couples still drawn to dangerous hotspots

Selma Ikela Windhoek-The City Police said despite their education and awareness efforts warning people to stay away from secluded areas, especially couples who go to there to be intimate, people have simply ignored the advice. City Police spokesperson Cillie Auala-Kapolo said they are now issuing fines of N$1,000 to couples found indulging in incident behaviour at public areas. The City Police have recorded several incidents in which couples were attacked or robbed while in those areas but people keep going to those spots. The places couples often frequent are in the vicinity of the fire station in Khomasdal and Lover’s Cone close to a high school in town. “So what we do now is drive there, go pick them up, bring them to our CCTV monitoring room to see for themselves what they were doing and possibly issue them with a fine,” she said. Auala-Kapolo told New Era that people should know that the areas are monitored by City Police CCTV cameras. “So whatever is going on there, we are watching in our monitoring room,” revealed Auala-Kapolo. She urged people to stay away from such areas since they are high crime-prone and rather find alternatives such as hotels or bed-and-breakfasts to do their business. Auala-Kapolo added that before, when the City Police saw a couple on CCTV in one of the public areas, they took down the vehicle registration number in order to get contact details and then called the owner and told them they were endangering their lives by being there, but this was creating problems because the vehicle might not be with the person whom it is registered under. For example, the vehicle might be registered under the wife’s name but the person who might be driving the vehicle during that time is the husband, she said. Auala-Kapolo said some people are robbed or attacked and refuse to open cases, while some victims are same-sex couples who wish to protect their privacy as well.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-05 09:59:04 1 years ago

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