• November 27th, 2020

Covid-19: Crowded dormitories put pupils at risk

Malakia Nashongo

Oshakati – Members of the Oshana Covid-19 task force this week visited the Iipumbu Senior Secondary School at Oshakati where a number of pupils have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

The officials engaged the affected learners and teachers by encouraging, motivating and offering psychosocial support amidst the outbreak. 
More than 50 learners tested positive at the school at the time when pupils are busy with their year-end examination.  
“Not all the learners are infected in the school. A few of them have received positive results. As you are all aware, it is examination time and learners should be preparing for their examination. We are literary here to support them so that they can cope and deal with Covid-19,” said Liisa Shilongo, an education officer from the region. 

The learners also expressed their grievances, including demanding government provide them with additional sanitiser and face masks to protect themselves from the virus. They also assured the team they would strive to maintain the required social distancing despite overcrowding challenges of inside their dormitories. 

“We are really trying so hard. We are a lot in the school, and you know how we are as students – we stay together and there is no way we could really maintain that social distance. 
Even in the blocks, we have to share rooms and we are a lot in the rooms, so there is no social distance taking place,” explained Lioni Haimbondi, a grade 12 learner at the school. 

Staff Reporter
2020-10-30 07:39:41 | 28 days ago


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