• September 22nd, 2020

Covid-19 derails first semester exams at Unam

Albertina Nakale

The University of Namibia (Unam) has announced that students will not sit for their baptismal, first semester examinations as earlier scheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic that left universities resorting to online learning that has its limitations.
Unam students were supposed to sit for their first semester in May.
Unam registrar Sifiso Nyathi in a communique sent to students said since they will not sit for exams, their examination marks shall be derived from a total average mark of the online continuous assessment tasks that their lecturers are currently administering.
Further, Nyathi noted the cut-off date for the announcement of the continuous assessment marks has been moved from 8 May to 12 June so that both students and lecturers have ample time for teaching and learning, as well as assessment.
Unam has advised students to take their online tasks or assignments seriously, as only the average mark deriving from them will constitute the examination mark.
“Kindly take note that your lecturers will administer different assessment tasks that will cover a wide range of the entire syllabus of your course from which a student derives the total average mark,” he said.
Additionally, he told students the assessment of their tasks will always evaluate their ability to apply critical higher-order thinking skills and mastery in the domain.
On reasonable grounds, he added the university will avail further opportunities for special or promotional examinations.
Nyathi confirmed that qualifying students for the coming winter term will also be catered for in a manner responsive to the dictates of Covid-19.
All students are, therefore, advised to keep calm and engage the university staff directly or through their representative council in a collegial manner during these trying times.
“Please note that your ethical behaviour as a student will not be put to test as all the tasks you do will be screened to ensure that no plagiarism took place. Note that the screening of your work may even take place long after you attained your examination mark and if found guilty, consequences will be rendered as prescribed,” Nyathi cautioned.
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Albertina Nakale
2020-04-23 09:47:28 | 4 months ago

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