• August 13th, 2020

Covid-19 sends Namibian producers into unusual crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is beginning to sink in across the entertainment industry and some local music producers feel the heat as their music business begins to slow down.

Entertainment Now! sat down with some music producers who all stated that their business is limping and they are structuring ways on how they can up their game despite it all.
One of the popular music producers in the country, Araffath Muhuure, stated that even though his business has slowed down, he is fortunate to be surviving through savings.
He mentioned that most producers or artists who have no proper business strategy will be driving a hard bargain during the crisis.

“I believe the struggle of the producers differs as well because it depends on who you are as a brand. Some of us are still making some income but not as much as we expected. We are affected because we have a lot of responsibilities. This will be a learning curve for most of us, as we get more creative and learn different ways on how to handle businesses when a crisis comes,” narrated Araffat.

He advised some artists to use this time to rehabilitate from alcohol, saying that remains the major issue among artists.
Solani Zulu, the man behind most current hits for Top Cheri, PDK and Sunny Boy, said “Producers, including artists, have lost finances due to show cancellations and also most businesses have been on lockdown that we would usually work with for ads, so it has taken quite a toll on us in the entertainment and corporate business.’’
Setrick Dantu, better known as Kalloonthebeat, also commented on the issue, saying “This is a hard time for us producers but we are working on ideas on how we can push and get things done.”

Kallo emphasised that producers should collaborate more and find alternatives on how they can help one another during the coronavirus pandemic.
Even though the situation is devasting in the music industry, most producers are finding creative ways to persevere.
Award-winning producer DJ Chronic said despite struggles, he sells his beats online and most of his work can also be found on YouTube.
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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2020-04-17 10:08:59 | 3 months ago

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