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Covid-19 vaccine campaign reaches Impalila

2021-05-03  Staff Reporter

Covid-19 vaccine campaign reaches Impalila
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Aron Mushaukwa

IMPALILA – The nationwide Covid-19 vaccination programme reached the northeast island of Impalila in Kabbe South of the Zambezi region last week.  

The vaccination campaign has been moving at a snail’s pace in the region, and this was evident at Impalila, where only a handful of residents turned up to get the jab.

One of the few people who were vaccinated is Kabbe South constituency councillor John Likando, who called on residents, particularly those residing at Impalila which borders three countries, to get vaccinated.

“As a leader, I felt it was necessary to take the lead and get my jab, especially in this area where I am in charge. Given that these are risk areas, it is very important that we utilise the services that are provided by the government at no cost,” he said. 

“It will also be good that we get these services, given that we have other countries bordering us. We would not know what they will decide in their sovereignty. They might decide that only vaccinated people might get services or assistance, even to cross over - which might be problematic”, Likando added.

Impalila village development chairperson Brian Kalonda, who also got vaccinated, encouraged his fellow residents to take this step and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families.

“I am very pleased that I took the step to be vaccinated. I was not forced, I came on my own as I felt it necessary to protect myself – my wife will also be vaccinated. I appeal to those who are scared to come forth and get vaccinated,” he said. 

“This vaccine is just like any other vaccine I have received over the years. I remember getting my first vaccination in 1966 when I started school, and I never encountered any problems. I, therefore, encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”


2021-05-03  Staff Reporter

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