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Covid community transmission reaches Oshana villages

2021-06-23  Nuusita Ashipala

Covid community transmission reaches Oshana villages
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With a surge of Covid-19 cases in the Oshana region, community transmission is reported to have occurred in remote areas, particularly in schools.

Ministry of health statistics from Monday shows the region has 53 positive cases in hospital, with 16 in the intensive care unit and only 5 536 people have been fully vaccinated.

Although the cases were observed in the villages last year already, the number is said to have increased recently, information from the Oshana health director reveals.

“The transmission is now everywhere, including villages. The results are classified under Oshakati because testing is done in Oshakati but the cases are from all over the region,” the information indicates.

Many of the Covid-19 cases are detected in schools and tertiary institutions in the region.

The danger, however, remains that many of those who have contracted the virus in remote areas do not know where they could have been possibly exposed.

But the region continues to do its best to do contact tracing to reduce the risk of further transmission in the community. “Where there is one or two people exposed, we advise for those affected to visit swabbing centres but at areas with bigger numbers such as schools, a team is sent out to do the swabbing,” the director’s office further states.

Although many of the region’s cases are recorded in people between 17 and 60, the youth in the range of 20 to 29 makes up most of the region’s cases.

Despite that being the case, death remains prevalent in elderly people, particularly those between 50 to 70 years, according to the region’s statistics. With cases being on the increase, communities are advised to adhere to the health protocols in place, which is to wear a mask, sanitise and exercise social distancing. The cases are reported to be emanating from large gatherings and social places, where people continue to engage in reckless behaviour. Since new measures to curb the spread nationwide announced last week were stringent, many police officers in the north have been instructed to take action against transgressing the regulations.

During the past weekend, police officers attended burials in the northern regions and ensured only 10 people were present, particularly at the cemeteries.

The Oshana police last week already warned they would deal with everyone who would violate the regulations.

“Do not wait for the police to remind you,” police spokesperson in Oshana Thomas Aiyambo warned.


2021-06-23  Nuusita Ashipala

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