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Covid: Public urged to seek early treatment

2021-07-23  Nuusita Ashipala

Covid: Public urged to seek early treatment

The acting medical superintendent at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, Dr Asumani Kibandwa, has cautioned the public to seek medical assistance as soon as they present Covid-19-related symptoms.

Kibandwa said patients are presenting themselves for treatment when they are already severely sick, weak and especially when they are already struggling to breathe.

He advises the public to get swabbed immediately after displaying symptoms – even when it is just flu, so that they can also receive timeous treatment.

Even those isolating at home should first seek treatment.

Once swabbed, the people should visit a health facility to be given treatment and vitamins to have a better chance at survival.

“Mostly, patients come to the hospital when experiencing difficulty in breathing. For other symptoms such as muscle pain and headaches, people do self-treatment,” said Kibandwa.

Kibandwa said many of the patients when they present themselves at the hospital do not know their status, despite showing Covid-19 symptoms.

“It is best for one to know their status early and get treatment early, instead of getting help when the Covid-19 is already in their lungs,” said Kibandwa.

Procedurally, when a patient arrives at the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms, yet they do not know their status, they are immediately put on Covid-19 treatment for symptoms they are displaying.

Kibandwa said the high number of deaths recorded recently from the region could have stemmed from a backlog when the officials were in isolation.


2021-07-23  Nuusita Ashipala

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