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Covid Vaccine

2021-03-24  Emmency Nuukala

Covid Vaccine
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Beatrice Brock, a 24-year-old medical student, during the pilot phase on Friday became one of the youngest Namibians to receive the Sinopharm vaccine, donated by the Chinese government. 

The process, which took about an hour, had Brock visiting about six stations, starting with the eligibility screening area, the waiting area, the registration/consent completion area, the medical screening (if need be), the vaccination area and the post vaccination waiting area. 

Despite the time it took, the process went smoothly for Brock and the medical staff members were extremely helpful. 

As a fifth-year medical student, Brock saw the need to receive the shot, as it not only protects her but the many patients she sees. 

Smiling at the staff and thanking them for their services, Brock continues through the process. Finally reaching the vaccination area, the nurse confirms Brock’s particulars and verifies her consent. 

The nurse then informs Brock about the possible side effects, which are light-headedness, dizziness and pain at the injection point. 

Brock is then told that she would need to return 28 days later for her second shot, as one needs two doses. 

As the nurse prepares the vaccine, Brock is informed she will be receiving a vaccination card at the end of the process. 

After the quick jab on the left arm, Brock is ushered to the post vaccination area, where she waits 15 minutes for observation and another 10 minutes at the outer waiting area, where nurses gave her a prep talk about the importance of adhering to Covid-19 regulations. 

There is emergency equipment on standby if any of the patients react to the vaccine. 

With vaccination card in hand and with no visible or physical complaints, Beatrice Brock is good to go. 

She said: “this vaccination is very important for our country; very important for those who aren’t able to be vaccinated and it’s just important to continue with our lives”. 

- Photos: Emmency Nuukala

2021-03-24  Emmency Nuukala

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