• July 20th, 2019
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Cravings for biltong drive youth towards business

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Clemans Miyanicwe Windhoek-The Kunene Biltong and Chews came into existence after, Simson Mario Ochurub’s cravings for biltong one evening, last January. “My cravings for biltong was very high. I thought to myself, I could actually venture in something like this,” Ochurub says. After a few days he procured his first supplies from Piet’s Biltong in Okahandja. He has never looked back since then. The company offers a range of dry meat products from chilli bites, droewors, biltong sticks and love bites,” says he. The products are strictly beef and are Halaal approved. They are pre-packaged packs with a flat rate of N$20 but are offered for N$18-00 for orders of 50+ packs nationwide. The company, solely owned by the 27 year - old Ochurub is mainly running its operations from Cimbebasia in Windhoek and from its agents in Otjiwarongo and Outjo. A shop will be opened in the north western town of Khorixas soon. Kunene Biltongs and Chews does it’s dispatching, packaging and orders mainly telephonically or through our Facebook page. Ochurub currently employs two people and two further reselling agents. “We aim to employ one more person in the next month once we kick-start operations in Khorixas,” Ochurub adds. “As being part of a growing socio-economic environment, we always try to reach out to the man and woman on the streets. I am referring to street vendors and smaller operators that we supply on retail discounted prices,” Ochurub says. The highlight for the last year for Kunene Biltong and Chews was the KasiVibe Festival that was held twice last year at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. This year the company is halfway done with their events calendar and aims to have a stall at major events such as the Windhoek Show, NBC Damara Nama radios //Goa !Haob and Copper festivals. As a young aspiring entrepreneur, Ochurub urges fellow young people to take note that the road to success is not an easy one but they should persevere. “You will face financial crunches, bad sales, and negative responses from clients, but take all of that as learning curves and use them to constantly improve your services,” Ochurub advises. He believes once one develops a positive attitude, the energy you exude will strengthen your stronghold in growing the business. Lastly, once one has an idea of what you want, start and never stop as then you will know what to do if you are a born business person. “You see, Namibia is a country with vast opportunities and I believe that anyone can enter any industry. All you need to do is develop the necessary skills and to be dedicated to progress and hard work. As I always quote myself in my native language, Si !Natani, meaning I will get there.” Those who want to be part of Kunene Biltong and Chews can become a reseller by buying on a discounted price of N$18 per pack but this is only applicable for clients who order 50+ packs. Ochurub says consignments are sent via couriernationwide. Investors/shop owners and retailors are challenged to try out the new products. Ochurub is also an author of “Your Plan vs Your Life”, an inspirational book.
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2018-03-14 10:38:50 1 years ago

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