• July 12th, 2020

Crimes of passion remain thorn in the flesh

Josephina Mwashindange

SHIMBOMBELA - The spate of female killings, mostly at the hands of their male lovers remains a growing concern, leaving families and communities outraged and reeling in shock. 

The drive of these heinous acts in most instances remains unknown and left for speculation. Retired National Youth Service Commissioner Onesmus Uupindi has called on Namibians to always seek professional help when it comes to relationship problems. 

Uupindi said this while addressing the community of Onyaanya at the Shimbobela centre. “What is leading you to an extent of taking someone’s life? We are already a small population and you are eliminating others, why? Remember that a person is something that you cannot own, if a person put an end to the relationship, respect that and move on,” Uupindi urged. Furthermore, Uupindi reminded the gathering that, it is very sad to see people taking advantage of the hard earned peace that came as a result of bloodshed. “Let us keep in mind that, most people did not get a chance to enjoy the peace we are enjoying today, but if we are taking it for granted, we are not appreciating their efforts,” he said. He further advised the nation to shun tribalism and divisive tendencies. “It is a fact that most African countries do not have peace and still languish in poverty due to war,” he added. 

“It is therefore very important to unite as Namibians, tribalism of ethnicity will not take us anywhere, what matters is the willingness of the person to work together with you. We only differ in languages but we do understand each other.” 

*Josephina Mwashindange is an Information Officer in the Ministry of ICT in Oshikoto Region.


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