• July 19th, 2019
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Crocodile population explodes in Zambezi


Albertina Nakale Windhoek As the floodwaters from the Zambezi River increase it has been reported the crocodile population is also increasing, leaving residents in the flood-prone Kabbe areas exposed to frequent attacks by these reptiles. Kabbe South Constituency Councillor John Likando told New Era they discovered the crocodile population has increased, which is a threat to villagers. “They are so many that each time the learners go to school they come across these territorial reptiles, which ambush people everywhere. We received reports from five to six schools complaining about crocodiles. We also saw many along the Chobe River,” Likando said. A learner at Muzii Combined School was attacked by a crocodile while paddling his dugout canoe from school in the floodwaters under whose surface this menace lurks. The learner escaped from the jaws of the crocodile with minor injuries. Also, apart from the reported incidences of drowning from Nsundwa Primary School – two learners drowned on their way from school a week ago – there were various other incidences caused by the floods. Likando said two lives have so far been lost due to crocodile attacks between January and February. Meanwhile, a man has also been reported missing at Nankuntwe, after he went to visit his family members in another village but never returned home. Likando said the man was last seen on February 27. “By the time they were expecting him, he hadn’t returned home. After five days, they started searching. It was only last week Thursday that they managed to find the banana boat that he was paddling. It was found hidden somewhere. They don’t know if he was murdered or what happened. But his remains are nowhere to be found. The police are working on a sketch to find out exactly what happened,” Likando noted. According to him, a lot of villagers are also losing their livestock due to crocodile attacks. Further, he reported that wild animals such as buffaloes have been trapped due to floods at the villages of Mbalasinte and Kasika, which are conservancy areas. “They are now living within the surrounding community. Sometimes, if you get one that is injured, then it becomes vicious. And it’s a danger to the community. We will give our recommendations to the ministry of environment regarding this matter,” he said. •••• Caption (Pic; crocodile population):
New Era Reporter
2018-03-20 09:05:07 1 years ago

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