• May 25th, 2020

Cuca Tops to players rescue with food parcels

RUNDU – As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on Namibians, especially on athletes, Rundu-based sport club Cuca Tops yesterday responded in timely fashion with a donation of food parcels to its players.
During the food handover ceremony yesterday at the river town of Rundu, the club expressed hope that through the donation of the food parcels to the players, the beneficiaries’ families will also indirectly benefit from the items and hopefully carry them through during the extended nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

The food parcels comprise of maize meal, rice, macaroni, cooking oil and sugar to name but a few of the items in the goodie bags, which the players took home to add to what they already have.

“Today we are making sure that our players are assisted with the provision of food. As management,  we took this noble decision to make sure that we give food parcels to our players both soccer and netball, and this is basically just to make sure that this players are not left food insecure during this lockdown,” said Herculano Mwenyo, the club chairperson.

“Making sure we are in compliance with Covid-19 regulations on social distancing, we decided that players don’t need to come collect the donated food items but we are going to distribute the parcels to their respective residence,” he added.
Mwenyo took the opportunity to also thank the club’s paid up members who through their payments made the donation of food to players possible.

“Through the payment of members’ monthly fee contribution, it contributed to the realisation of this activity and for that we are grateful. We hope that our players who are at home are also adhering to the state of emergency regulations and we want them to be safe by staying at home,” Mwenyo noted. 

Victor Sikerete, the club’s football team captain, also used the opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the club’s management by saying: “This donation is welcomed by all of us, it’s very much appreciated and we thank the management for this gesture of support to the players. We are a first division club and don’t get basic salaries and it makes it hard for players and their families. With this donation, we will benefit our families and it will take away some pressure that we face as young players to support our families. I want to urge all clubs to assist their players as well.” 
Sikerete also shared that although players are currently on lockdown at home, they have been using this time to stay fit through light exercises. Kambita Theophilie, the club’s netball skipper, said: “We really appreciate this and we thank the management for thinking of us during this hard time where food is needed.”

The donated food parcels benefited 80 players in total, which is 30 players from the club’s football A team and 30 from the B team, as well as 20 netball players. 

John Muyamba
2020-04-29 09:51:32 | 26 days ago

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