• February 26th, 2020

CUK, a musician by chance


Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab-Twenty-three-year-old Kamanjab based musician CUK never thought he will be part of the Namibian music industry as music was not part of his plans. Chris Uerii Kanambunga, thus CUK, in 2013 asked his friend and musician Kingslee to take him along to the studio at Khorixas to record a song. Since the music bug has hit him to the point of releasing two albums. “After the song I recorded sounded great, I knew that music was in me and I was music,” CUK who can do Afro Pop, Disco and RnB excites. His first ten track album, Fully Independent was release in December 2015 with a Kwaito song, The weekend, and Disco song, Pamwa, which was sang in both English and Otjiherero getting airtime on radio stations and as much raving with revelers in watering holes. “That was a feeling of being a man on his own, and being in a beautiful free country where you can come up with something on your own with no pull and push. Simply I am an independent man that why I title my first album fully independent,” says the Kamanjab based artist about his first album. Last December, CUK released a six track album title Upunda Zene. First track is Tonight, an Afropop song partying anthem that has been keeping night birds dancing until sunrise. The second track, #Nau Mai, features upcoming Damara Punch artist Lanny Boy. The Kwasa Kwasa song Upunda Zene, which is the third track, is dedicated to people who love the festive season and a dedication to CUK’s fans as well. Let me love you is a mixed RnB-Kizomba song in which CUK sings about love. Track five is a gospel and RnB song encouraging those who are engulfed by disappointment to continue living as problems are part of life. The last track Stuck in my mind is an RnB song about CUK’s school sweetheart who has stuck in his thoughts to this day. The incidental musician says he sees himself as a much-sought- after musician in the industry and also wants to collaborate with Paul da Prince, Florida, Exit and veteran Damara Punch musicians. Although the music bug hit him incidentally, CUK says it has become part of his daily life as he writes songs and listens to music.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-16 14:14:32 | 1 years ago

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