• October 19th, 2019

Cycle Classics applauds helpers

WINDHOEK - Rotary Club Windhoek in conjunction with Cycling Club Windhoek Pedal Power as technical partner for the road bike and mountain bike cycling races, Quinton Steele-Botes, WHS Athletics Club, takes care of the runs, walks and T-Rex Training Tribe the Kiddies Classic. 

Behind the scene at a major sporting event such as Cycle Classic there are many people who work very hard to ensure that all runs smoothly. 

 Some helpers are visible whilst other aren’t always so noticeable. They are helpers rendering services at Cycle Classic, but also at so many other sporting events that takes place in the capital city and around Namibia over the course of a calendar year.

 Structured, as an event that attracts participation by all generations in an extended family, be they young or old, Cycle Classic has taken place annually since 1999 and it’s a community service and fundraising event.

 In addition to the members of Rotarians managing the event, officials and marshals at the cycling and athletics races, those running the water points at the various races, and traffic officers of the Windhoek City Police, those working behind the scenes include emergency services and young Rotarians known as Interacters. 

Those youngsters, who hand out finisher’s medals and beverages, run the bicycle park and look after the kiddies entertainment area. Then there are staffs of Dagbreek School who ensure that the youngsters from that centre can join in the sporting fun, by participating in the shorter cycling races.

 There are also the caterers, cleaners and security personnel. Invisible and in the background they might be, but the services they render is indispensable.

Slated for Friday October 13 and the following day Sunday 14, like in previous years this year, numerous institutions, organisations, needy causes and individuals across Namibia will benefit from sponsorships of Cycle Classic.
 Interestingly, all collected entry fees are to be used by the various cycling and athletics clubs to fund youth and sports development programmes. Online registration for Cycle Classic opens this week.

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