• August 3rd, 2020

Dawson temporarily walks free

Maria Amakali WINDHOEK – Windhoek resident Julian Dawson walked out of court a free man last week when the court decided to withdraw a murder case against him. Dawson, 38, stands accused of gunning down his work colleague Sheku Bonifatius Tjihepo, 35, at an end-of-year function on November 12, 2016. Dawson’s case was on the court roll for the prosecutor general’s decision, however during court proceedings, Dawson was informed that such decision was not available. The prosecutor general has referred the docket back to the investigative officer with further instructions that need to be complied with, thus the provisional withdrawal. Dawson’s case has been postponed on several occasions for the prosecutor general’s decision. “I understand that the investigative officer is currently on compassionate leave and he travelled to Rundu. Seeing that the matter is on the roll finally for the prosecutor general’s decision, we make an application that the charges be provisionally withdrawn,” said prosecutor Marcus Angula. Magistrate Vanessa Stanley granted the order and Dawson will be summoned once the prosecutor general’s decision is available. The prosecution is charging Dawson with murder for what it deems the unlawful and intentional killing of Tjihepo. Tjihepo died from a gunshot to the chest when his colleague Dawson allegedly went on a shooting spree at a local bar in Ausspannplatz, Windhoek. It is alleged that on the date in question, Dawson was in the company of Tjihepo and other work colleagues attending an end-of-year function. During the celebrations, a fight broke out between Dawson and a customer at the bar. During the argument Dawson, who was in possession of a gun, pulled it out and started firing several shots at random in the club. As if that was not enough, Dawson got into yet another argument with a customer and pulled out his gun for the second time, firing three more shots in the air. Tjihepo allegedly tried to get the gun away from Dawson but he got shot in the chest in the process. Dawson has denied intentionally killing his work colleague. In his defence he said Tjihepo was shot when they started wrestling for the gun. It is alleged that the two were under the influence of alcohol. The court cancelled the bail order and refunded Dawson the N$10,000 that he paid as bail.
New Era Reporter
2018-08-06 09:46:04 | 1 years ago

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