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Dead body found floating in river

2021-03-15  John Muyamba

Dead body found floating in river
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NKURENKURU – A dead body was discovered floating in the Kavango River on Saturday at Mayara in the Kavango West region.

The male victim was found naked with all body parts intact. 

“The body is in a decomposed condition and it was discovered by our Angolan counterpart who saw it floating on the Namibian side and reached out to us,” said crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas. 

The police are appealing to the public who might be looking for a male family member to approach the Nkurenkuru police for possible identification purposes. 

Just recently, on 27 February, the Kavango West police also collected a body of an adult male which was found floating in the same river at Sigone village. 

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a young man believed to be in his 20s was seriously injured after a suspected hit-and-run incident on Saturday night on the Nepara gravel road just south of Nkurenkuru. 

According to the police, his condition was critical when he was found hence he was rushed to the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention. 

“He sustained serious injuries. Our members are still investigating,” Agas said. Although he was in a critical state and could not speak clearly, he told the police he was bumped by a black car. 

“He was only discovered this morning (yesterday), we are appealing to members of the public if there is anyone who perhaps witnessed the hit-and-run to come forward and we can take it from there,” Agas said.


2021-03-15  John Muyamba

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