• July 16th, 2019
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Decision on NSFAF sounds impulsive


President Hage Geingob’s directive to re-incorporate NSFAF back into the ministry of higher education does not sound well thought out. What has been an issue at NSFAF is failure of leadership, above anything else. It then defies logic that instead of dealing with leadership issues at the Fund, the president decided to rather take away the SOE status of NSFAF. How that is going to help pay outstanding fees of students or accommodate more needy students is not exactly clear. I fear there would be massive implications, legal and otherwise, to effect the envisaged changes. This is more so in light of talks that earnings of the Fund’s current employees would be streamlined to those of general public service employees. This is just one of the implications that could emerge. But our focus, in light of these changes, should be on the plight of the intended beneficiaries of this Fund. In fairness, it is probably too early to start questioning the president’s decision as we are not privy to details and the modus operandi of how this process would be carried out. But on the face of it, it sounds like an impulsive decision that could have devastating effects. Malania Hautwi Windhoek
New Era Reporter
2017-12-15 09:51:34 1 years ago

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