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Defective cans sees huge KOO recall

2021-07-30  Staff Reporter

Defective cans sees huge KOO recall

South African company Tiger Brands is recalling some 20 million KOO and Hugo’s canned vegetable products produced between 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021. 

The recall has been effected due to a small number of defective cans supplied by a packaging supplier. 

Although no confirmation was received yesterday from CIC Pty (Ltd) - the Namibian distributor of these products - it is believed that some of the recalled products have found their way onto local shelves and into Namibian households. 

According to the Tiger Brands’ website, the cans may have a defective side seam weld that could cause them to leak. The company said it identified the issue as part of its internal quality assurance processes.
Canned products forming part of this recall include products from the KOO and Hugo’s canned vegetable range, including baked beans. 

“No health issues have been reported to date relating to the affected product range. Although there is a low probability of illness and injury, matters of quality and food safety are an absolute priority for Tiger Brands”, read the statement. 

Tiger Brands took the recall decision in consultation with South Africa’s National Consumer Council (NCC) to initiate the precautionary withdrawal in the best interest of consumers.

“ If you have KOO or Hugo’s canned vegetable products at home that were produced from  1 May 2019 to  5 May 2021 and that form part of the recall, you can return the canned products to your nearest supermarket or wholesale outlet for a refund”, added the Tiger Brands statement.

2021-07-30  Staff Reporter

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