• July 20th, 2019
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Deloitte launches marketing booklet

Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay-Deloitte Namibia launched a booklet as a marketing tool for Namibia, during a stakeholders’ breakfast held in Walvis Bay last week. The 34-page booklet focuses on the various opportunities Namibia has to offer in terms of foreign investment. Themed ‘Invest in Namibia: Harnessing Investment To Drive Economic Recovery’, the booklet outlines what Namibia can offer investors. Speaking at the launch, Deloitte Namibia partner Arlington Matenda said the book sells Namibia in a rather positive light, whilst at the same time acknowledges the economic challenges the country faces. “This book was written with the background of what has happened so far this year. The whole idea of the book is to showcase the various investment opportunities that can be presented that will help market Namibia to foreign investors,” Matenda explained. He reiterated that Namibia is known as an investor-friendly country with excellent infrastructure and a sound judiciary system. “We tend to focus on the negatives and forget how privileged we are. It is a fact that peace and stability attracts investors. We however must find ways to market our country, as it has great potential despite our current economic challenges,” he said. Hence, he said Namibia needs to focus on areas such as agriculture, mining and tourism, to grow the country’s economy. “It has become imperative to look at other countries and change the way we are doing business. We have seen public and fiscal debts rising, downgrades by rating agencies and, lastly, policy uncertainty as we are unclear where government is going with us. “However, we do hope that with this booklet - which is our small contribution - will make the necessary impact, so that we attract the much-needed investment and grow our economy.”
New Era Reporter
2017-10-26 10:05:09 1 years ago

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