• July 17th, 2019
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Dena and Fora-D-Bok re-enter the lab


Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek-Following a hiatus from the music scene that threatened to last forever, Oviritje musicians Wakataviza ‘Dena’ Tjipura and Fora-D-Bok ‘Omundu-Ejova’ has finally resurfaced – reminiscent of the not-too-distant good old days in the Oviritje genre. It is not a secret nor is there any reason to hide the fact that Dena has had a few run-ins with misfortune. What is worth celebrating today is the fact that his luck did not run out, and his talent has re-emerged unscathed. As for ‘Fora D-Bok’, well, let’s just conclude that the world still love a good redemption story. After all he has now ditched the moniker ‘Omundu-Ejova’ (which literally means ‘stupid person’ in Otjiherero) and is now bragging about his new found wisdom. We cannot confirm at this point whether the two ran into God or maybe God stumbled onto them, either way we all know that this epiphany will only lead to a happy place if a recent glimpse of what they are currently working on is anything to go by. Entertainment Now ran into the two musos at New Light Studios in Katutura where they were gangbanging a soon to be launched collaborative effort under the theme ‘National Team on the Move’ – and what we heard was intriguing in a spine-chilling kind of way. It’s the past, only better. Talk about waking up in a good version of yesterday – yes it is that good. Fora-D-Bok is visibly elated. He is maintaining that this is going to be the best 10-track release this year for the genre – if not the industry. “Other musicians wait until spring to release the summer songs. We have decided to cancel winter all together and get right into summertime vibes,” Fora-D-Bok says. On his part Dena is seemingly more determined to rework the Karekondjombo magic and to preserve the Tjipura musical dynasty. “The masses already know us, we both just stepping to reclaim the throne and to take the Tjipura brand back up there,” Dena says. The launch of the album, which initially set for this week has been pushed to an unconfirmed date citing delay in the duplication of the CDs. Be that as it may, the track titled ‘Number One’ is setting social media platforms ablaze. The two promises two tear through this music industry like a massive earthquake with guaranteed sheer entertainment as the aftershock.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-23 10:56:35 1 years ago

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