• August 4th, 2020

Determination and passion is a must for business - Nuugulu

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Toivo Kapuka Nuugulu, an architect by profession and owner of Toivo Nuugulu Architects, a subsidiary of Toivo Nuugulu Logistics (TNL), has said determination and passion are some of the key components that one ought to have when it comes to business.

Nuugulu was answering to questions posted by Youth Corner on how young Namibians can venture into business in 2020 and make a name for themselves, as well as contributing where they can – economically.
“Start with planning and align your plan with your passion. Make sure you have the passion for the business you want to venture into and after that, you turn your passion into a business,” said Nuugulu.

Having been in the architectural space for me than 10 years, he said it will be pointless to venture into things that are not desired. “You are going to waste your time that way – believe me,” specified Nuugulu.
Perseverance, staying focused, following through the set road map and not getting distracted by other people’s plans and influence is what young Namibians should take note of.

The tricenarian Nuugulu is worried about the overnight success that a lot of entrepreneurs expect once they have gone into entrepreneurship. “A lot of young people don’t have the patience to keep the venture going. There is this urge or need for overnight success, so patience is a must,” he advised.
He further stated that good things do come to those who wait.

“What keeps me going is the other fact that with the number of employees I have, it drives me to make sure they are financially sorted towards the end of the month. It is like a spider web: I take care of them; they take care of the people, and the other people take care of those they have to – the cycle repeats,” concluded Nuugulu.

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