• April 3rd, 2020

Determined boy uses mouth to write

Selma Ikela

WINDHOEK – Meet nine-year-old Peter Nsamba who writes with his mouth.
Nsamba has a disability and is unable to use his hands or walk. He relies on his parents to feed and assist him in other ways as well.  
When at home the young boy who looks slightly younger than his age moves around on his buttocks.
According to documents seen by New Era, Nsamba suffers from congenital defects, which caused loss of limb joint function due to pseudarthrosis.
His arms are small and his hands are bent inwards, which makes it impossible to have a firm grip on anything.  
His legs are also small, short and bent inwards.
During a visit to their rented shack in Okahandja Park informal settlement, the shy Nsamba showed off his drawing skills to reporters, gender-based activist Zachary Itodo and officials from the  education ministry who went to assess his situation.  
Nsamba effortlessly sketches a car holding a pen with his mouth. And this is self-taught, his dad Kavangu Julius Nsamba shares.
Kavangu (31) brings out a toy house the boy made with his younger brother.
“He likes keeping himself busy with school-related stuff. He likes arts too. He made this box house with his brother. Since Nsamba cannot cut, he was commanding his younger brother how to cut and put the boxes together,” said the father.
His unemployed parents enrolled Nsamba at a kindergarten at the settlement this year and it’s their wish to have him enrolled in a suitable school.
Kavangu pushes his son to school every morning, goes to check on him during school hours and picks him up in the afternoon.
“When it is 10:00, we (his mother or me) go back to school to feed him, because he cannot eat on his own and the school teacher doesn’t know how to feed him. We also go take him to the toilet to relieve himself,” narrates the father.
The father added that he tried enrolling his son at Moreson special school but alleged he was told to first register him at pre-primary school before they could accept him.
While speaking via his father, Nsamba shared that his wish is to become a paediatrician to assist children with disabilities.
A challenge faced by the Nsamba family is stigma from other shack owners about his child’s condition. He said that since last year they moved four times and only moved to their current residence in December.
“We have been renting for seven years and every month we are moving because the owner of the place tells us we don’t want you to stay with your disabled child here.  ‘You can go look for another place to stay.’ That is causing us to move from one place to another,” said Kavangu, adding that children also mocked his son’s condition at their previous place, but it seems to have stopped now.
The father added that another challenge is carrying Nsamba to the riverbed to relieve himself.
Gender-based-activist Zachary Itodo responded to his family’s call and acquainted himself with Nsamba. He said the minor is bright and from all indications has a bright future.
“He has a bright future and with the right encouragement and school, this boy will do wonders in the future,” remarked Itodo.
He added that Nsamba needs clothing as they wear out quickly, nappies, proper medical attention, and accommodation.
He explained that his parents keep moving as a result of stigma by homeowners, because Nsamba sometimes relieves on himself, as he is unable to go to the toilet.
“But if we get a befitting place which will be theirs permanently then this boy will be in school and concentrate and does not have to change, which effects his education and health,” said


Selma Ikela
2020-01-30 07:37:52 | 2 months ago

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