• July 20th, 2019
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Did I quit music? Phura

Ocrhain Sampaya Windhoek-He strutted music, grooved and gave every household a taste of what Ma/gaisa is, and one can never complete the list without mentioning his name as the king of Ma/gaisa. For more than two decades, Phura Duwe has been Namibia’s icon in producing music that elevated from local to international appreciation. The evolution of his music career started in his hometown Khorixas. “The evolution of my music career began when I was a young keyboardist in 1996. As an energetic young artist, I joined a local band from Khorixas known as ‘Moonlight Boys’, where I was a second keyboardist until 1999. I then moved to Swakopmund where I joined a band known as the ‘Midnight Stars’. As a second keyboardist and backing vocalist, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow legendary artist Stanley ‘Ou Stakes’, who was a lead vocalist for the ‘Midnight Stars’ band. Learning and walking the talk was never hard for the artist, as in 2003 he released his first debut album. “The year 2003 was my breakthrough year. I met Steven !Naruseb (producer of Welwitschia Music Production) with whom my first album ‘Tsubates go’ (You are not good for me my love) was recorded. In the very same year, I won a talent competition known as ‘Fame Factory’ with this album. In addition, I won the ‘Best new comer’ award at the Sanlam Music Awards.” His music career never stuttered, as he was focused and ambitious of more awards after his first victory. “In 2005, I released my second album ‘Tihana tsa xue’ (Is it like that?) with which I also won a second award at the Sanlam Music Awards but this time around it was in the category of ‘Kwiku & Sukus’. At the beginning of 2007, I released my third album, ‘Mama’s /Guis a =/an’ (Only the mother knows the father), which was a resounding success CD project.’’ In collaboration with Khomas Music Productions, Phura recorded a fourth album ‘Buru tara’ (I wonder) during mid-2009, right after that Phura Music Productions started to work on the fifth album ‘Uts ha I /kha /=khi’ (Be happy with what you have), which became a big success in 2011. The story does not settle the dust for a sleep over and a catch of a breeze, as in 2013 he diverted to political campaigns that’s when fans started to miss his presence. “In 2013, I travelled to China as the only artist with the SPYL (Swapo Party Youth League) . The same year, I travelled to South Africa for a festival in Riemvasmaak. In 2014, I released a political album for President Dr Hage Geingob by the name of ‘!Khari !gam aob’ (Brave fighter).” Phura released his eighth album last year. “In December 2016, I released my eighth album called ‘Ta !husen’ (Don’t give up). And that’s my style; Phura has been here and will still be here. I did not quit music, one year I give a break for the album to sell, and the following year I release.” Phura Music Productions’ mission is to uplift the music industry and preserve the sensation of Ma /Gaisa music, as this is not only art but a heritage for fellow Namibians and fans.
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2017-11-24 11:41:38 1 years ago

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