• February 18th, 2020

Diplomacy must be people-centred: Geingob

WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob said diplomatic relations between Namibia and other nations must always be people-centred, with specific focus on the youth.

He made the remarks on Friday while greeting te diplomatic corps at State House, where he told those in attendance that accountability is an integral part of governance, whether at the national or global level. 

“Our objective is to tap into the potential of youth to contribute to sustainable development in our region and beyond. Like other Sadc member states, we are convinced that, where there is inclusive prosperity and development, there is peace and harmony,” he said. Where there is poverty, hunger and deprivation, there will be conflict, displacement and subsequently migration, he reminded his guests. 

Additionally, Geingob said it was important that at both national and international levels, nations honour the commitments made in order to remain accountable to the people, as enshrined in the UN Charter, which they all have subscribed to. 
In this context, he expressed concern on the deteriorating peace and security situation around the world. He reiterated his sentiment that wherever there is a group of people that feel excluded, there is potential for unrest. 

Through the promotion and practice of inclusivity, transparency and accountability, the President believes nations can bring about a peaceful, less ignorant and more tolerant coexistence in the world. 

Moreover, he stressed that their commitment to the value of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law will continue to shape the policy on international relations and cooperation. 

“Namibia therefore strongly believes that dialogue is the key to promoting peace and stability within and among nations. It is in this context that we continue to play an active role in maintaining international peace and security. The Women Peace and Security meeting to be held in Windhoek in April is a reflection of this commitment,” he said. Thus, in the arena of international diplomacy, Geingob noted they should similarly account to respective people, on how nations’ relations and cooperation have improved their lives and well-being.  Last week nine new ambassadors and high commissioners were accredited to Namibia and presented their letters of credentials to Geingob.

Geingob said he looked forward to working with them in further enhancing the excellent relations between Namibia and their respective countries and organisations. 

“I am sure each one of you is eager to make your diplomatic tour a resounding success by enhancing relations and cooperation with Namibia. Rest assured, we share the same eagerness to work with you. I also wish, through you, to convey the best wishes to your heads of state and government,” he noted.  

Further, he said they should ensure that the conclusion of bilateral and multilateral instruments should lead to tangible results and play a direct role in the improvement of the living conditions of the people. 

As diplomats, Geingob said, they have an important role to play in bringing about conducive conditions that will facilitate the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adding that Namibia is ready to work with them in this regard.  He explained that enhancement of bilateral, political and economic relations will create opportunities to further advance infrastructure development, promote joint ventures and expand cooperation in the areas of trade, culture, science and technology, as well as people to people contact. 

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