• December 15th, 2019

Director shot dead over land dispute

WINDHOEK - A deputy director in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Lemmy Mutonga was last Thursday afternoon shot dead at a cattle post which he had used for several years at Naziabo village at Nankuntwe shortly after he relocated his herd of cattle to his kraal and village in the flood area.

Police and other sources said Mutonga - based in Windhoek - had travelled to the Zambezi Region to relocate his cattle from a temporary cattle post at Bukalo to Naziabo where Mutonga had a long-running land feud with the father of his assailant who was arrested with three others.

 Zambezi regional police commander, Commissioner Karel Theron confirmed the death of Mutonga, 52, whose residence along Starling Street in Windhoek was on Thursday crowded with grief-stricken relatives, workmates and other mourners who were in shock over the sad unexpected news.

The police commissioner said, “I was informed the Mutonga family and the accused are related, they are cousins. The late Mutonga stayed about 600 metres from the village of the accused. He put his structure way back. During the flood season Mutonga, moved his cattle to higher ground in the area of Bukalo but when the water subsided, he went back with the cattle yesterday Thursday. When he arrived at his village, he found that the accused had erected two tents. 

“And it was there where the arguments, confrontation started. The sons of the suspect attacked the sons of Mr. Mutonga and a shot was fired by one of the suspects fatally injuring the deceased,” said the commissioner, who further narrated, “A case of murder has been opened,” against the accused.

Other charges opened against the four accused aged, 64, 41, 36 and 27, according to Theron “is possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license and a charge of defeating the course of justice. The suspects - a father - involved in the land dispute - and three others including his sons.

Though the names of the four suspects are known to this publication, New Era would only reveal their names once they have appeared in court today (Monday) on various counts. The shotgun used in the shooting of Mutonga “in the face” a .22 and .375 rifle and some ammunition were seized.

Initially, the police after assessing the high risk for potential violence seized several guns from the accused but they handed them back on a Friday six days before Mutonga was gunned down at point-blank range at his village at Naziabo at Nakuntwe 60 km east of Katima Mulilo.

On Friday night at his residence in Khomasdal where the mood was somber, he was described as a humble, hardworking man by workmates while other mourners said he was a God-fearing man who is a pillar of strength for family and was dedicated to his wife and children he left behind.

There will be a memorial service in his honour in Windhoek tomorrow at the (time not given) at the Khomasdal Community Hall while another memorial is planned at Bukalo at 14h00 on Thursday, a befitting burial will take place at Naziabo village on Friday June 14.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances in need of more information on the funeral arrangements could contact Samuel Mutonga (0811271983) or Kennedy Mbangu (0811279396.)

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