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Discover your talent 

2022-01-12  Festus Hamalwa

Discover your talent 
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Ndeshipanda Heita was just 13 when she discovered her passion for writing, and thanks to her good English teacher at the time, grammar was no problem for her.

Now 17 and in 11th grade at the Haimbili Haufiku SSS, Heita tells Youth Corner that for her, it is just a matter of assembling thoughts and ideas that are swirling around in her head. 

In 2017 when she was in grade 7, she drafted a manuscript in which she narrated her grandmother’s biography, but never went as far as typing it up.

“In 2018, I wrote another manuscript and typed it up and also looked for a publisher but due to complications, it ended there. Now after so many failed writing attempts, I finally wrapped everything into one masterpiece titled, ‘Life, the bigger picture’,” said Heita.

She got her book published by Microwide Publishing Press through the help of her current English teacher, who also assisted in editing the book.

Hailing from the small town of Omafo in the Ohangwena district, Heita explained that her book features most aspects of everyday life, seen from the eyes of a teenager of the same age as herself.

This character is faced with many hardships that arise from the love complications teenagers put themselves in, and also issues from the extended families they live with.

Her book contains genres of both prose and drama.

 “Growing up, I have always been an insecure person, and whenever I write or put my thoughts on a piece of paper, it always retrieved my soul.”

Heita noted that ‘Life, the bigger picture’ also touches on a certain medical problem that is very common among most learners in boarding schools such as chickenpox or malaria.

Through the book, she also speaks for people who, whenever they go to the state hospital, find only one urologist, or not at all.

“I speak for the epileptic and I speak for the divorced. My novel also features the coronavirus, and with the introduction of this in the novel, I want to tell people out there that we are all faced with a series of problems, but we strive through it regardless.”

Heita recommends her book to anyone, saying many people suffer from things that “eat us up” inside, because they do not talk to people. 

“If you read ‘Life, the bigger picture’, you will realise how well resolutions come up. I realised that we all go through challenges, and we are expected to be calm about them but sometimes we are not. ‘Life, the bigger picture’ also features resolutions to some problems we might encounter - resolutions such as how to learn to talk to people.”

She further advised the youth to read the book because it will arouse feelings of security, and tell those suffering that they are not alone.

Heita said she is yet to fully discover the writing world and wants to write more books in the long run.

She is currently working on another book, which she hopes will be ready for everyone to read soon.

Heita feels as though her exposure to life is very broad. 

“I would advise anyone to take every little thing that happens to them into account. I want each one of us to discover ourselves and pay our undivided attention to that. You could be a carpenter, a writer, singer, and you could be so much more.”

Heita believes that if people do what they love with enthusiasm, they would surely succeed in their dreams.

To purchase her book, one can call 0813871609 or 0818220328.

She can be reached on her Instagram page which is @teopo. _ or on her email


2022-01-12  Festus Hamalwa

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