• August 14th, 2020

Dispatched thoughts: Being too kind and pure

I don’t want to please everyone, but I also don’t want to see anyone sad.
Many people I know have a hard time trying to balance being kind and not being taken for a fool. Who is sincere and who is taking you for a fool?

Some people are blessed and lucky, fortune favours them more than others, so they try not to keep it to themselves. In many cases, they try their level best to share what they have, to help where they can and give what they can. Such people spread as much kindness and sunshine as they can.
From personal experience, it’s one of the greatest feelings ever. It is especially great when that kindness or assistance is really appreciated and helps or makes the receiver smile or feel better, even just a little bit. Untold bliss!

I live for those moments, helping and giving and not expecting anything in return, mostly. It is beautiful to watch or hear about. It makes me feel good, makes me believe in myself and somehow believe in a better world.

In a way I would like to think of it as a way to balance out life, sometimes you give and sometimes you receive. Like everyone else, I play my part too.
It’s not always sunshine and rainbows though, people can be cruel and unappreciative. One could go out of their way to assist another person and still be bashed for it by the very same person they helped, such is life. While for others they see an act of kindness as a personal attack on them, even when it doesn’t affect them at all.

To put it frankly, some people are just assholes, they think everything revolves around them. You can bend and break your back trying to help them and they wouldn’t even consider pushing you in a wheelchair. They might even kick it over!

Yet the very same people will not even think twice to come back and ask for your help in their time of distress. No apology for their past behaviours or any regret or shame. People can be really ungrateful.
Yet you with your kindness and understanding cannot imagine it to be even thinkable to turn away a person in need, especially when your soul is filled with abundant kindness and blessings.
Who is sincere and who is taking you for a fool?

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