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Dispatched thoughts - Communicating honestly and directly

2020-03-25  Staff Reporter

Dispatched thoughts - Communicating honestly and directly
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Communication is the backbone of all relationships, it is a way that allows us to relate to others and to understand them, but more importantly, communication allows us to express ourselves when we are misunderstood.

One of the best ways to communicate is to talk, tell someone what you think or how you feel. It doesn’t really get any better than that. You wouldn’t really understand someone until you talk and listen to them, while talking has its own rules. It is still one of the best ways to express yourself and it is as an ancient practice.
I have always been a strong believer that most problems can be avoided by talking and that most problems can be solved by talking, amongst other things. History is littered with insistences that could of have had different outcomes if only our most distinguishable feature was utilized. Am astonished at how people, in general, can go off on second-hand information, especially about another person without ever taking the time to talk to that person. It’s almost like they disregard the simplest way to get to know someone or the truth, simply by talking to a person.

We seem to have created a culture were communicating is done in every way, but actually interacting with the said person directly, while there are multiple mediums which one can use to get through to someone, face to face is almost always the best way to communicate with somebody.

Many relationships are lost and broken because people simply don’t want to talk to their partners, they say communication is one of the most important pillars of sustaining a relationship, but here in Namibia that pillar is disregarded. People find it much more comfortable and easier to post issues on social media or go silent than to talk issues out.

Sometimes even when people do decide to talk, its mostly utter nonsense, they say a lot and talk for hours on end, but completely fail to talk about issues that should be addressed, something that our parliaments seemed to have mastered. While talking is important, it is not everyone that has the ability to do so, as some are born without the ability to do so and others have lost it through some unfortunate circumstances, but I am sure even they prefer to have a face to face interaction.

Hopefully the next time you are faced with a difficult issue or feel victimized or simply want to express your joy with someone or have something you want to address with someone. Talk!

- Olavi Popyeinawa Email:
Twitter: olavi@olavipopyeinawa

2020-03-25  Staff Reporter

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