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Dispatched Thoughts - Know yourself to know what you want

2021-08-25  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched Thoughts - Know yourself to know what you want

‘There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it’ - Hillary Clinton.

One of the benefits of growing older is you learn a little bit more about how life works and gain a better understanding of it. As children, we have always been told not to rush through life; there will always be enough time to do what you want, eventually. Most people go through life not knowing what they want out of it.

In the early stages of adulthood, most youth go through the motions of life without really knowing what they want out of it, or what is happening. Some just go through life imitating what other people are doing, without ever taking a minute to consider what they would do if there was no one to imitate.

I’m starting to understand why people are kept in school from a young age right until the beginning of adulthood. School allows most young people to experiment what life will be like socially, going forward. There is so much more that happens there than just academic learning – most learn more on the playground than in the classroom; others don’t even know why they are there.

What they do know though is that it will keep them busy and their parents happy. To some, the thought of finishing with the education system is more than enough to motivate them to work extra hard and complete those years, while others are looking forward to the financial rewards that could potentially be awaiting them on the other side of school. It makes sense to everyone but themselves.

A lot of potential is wasted and killed by people not knowing what they want. Most of the youth never take the time to find something they are good at, or make an effort to explore their potential. I’m a firm believer of failing on your terms, then at least you know you tried your best.

The youth should invest more time in themselves to find out what it is they want out of life. Time and energy is some of their strongest weapons, and it would serve them better if they utilise them to figure out their own lives, instead of imitating somebody, or living a life that holds them back.

There is so much a person can do, and not just young people. We just have to figure out where to put our time and energy. Know yourself to know what you want.

- Olavi Popyeinawa

Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa


2021-08-25  Olavi Popyeinawa

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