• December 5th, 2020

Dispatched thoughts - Peacemakers are gold

 It is difficult to find fault in yourself; it can be difficult to change your mind when it’s already set and it can be difficult to reach an agreement when views and desired outcomes differ with everyone else’s. 
Sometimes, to get what you want, an external person will be needed.

 We have seen it time and again on the world stage when there is a disagreement between nations or leaders and they fail to resolve their disagreement or even refuse to talk to each other, a third party is usually brought in, who takes the role of a peacemaker someone who is neutral in the matter at hand. 

While peacemakers rarely get the recognition they deserve, they do a whole lot more than just bring peace to the conflicting parties, I believe they are even lifesavers because that is what they do, they save lives above everything else. 
The world will always have some sort of conflict, it has always had, it has today and will always disagree on sorts going on somewhere, but the peacemakers are never enough, they are not always there. 

Just as they are needed on the world stage, peacemakers are very much needed in our personal lives too, its very easy to point fingers and find faults in others. It is even easier to attack someone innocent without any valid reason. As people it is difficult to play all the roles at once, we can’t be in a fight and referee the fight at the same time. That’s asking too much of yourself. 
As humans we make mistakes and probably make those mistakes worse when we think we can solve them ourselves, maybe we can, but in most cases, we don’t solve them we just postpone them to fight another day. 

We must be strong and wise enough to admit when we need peacemakers, they are as useful as it can be when we are stuck. 
Peacemakers are gold, for what they stand for, what they represent and what they can do. They bring more to the table than just listening and comforting. They want peace, justice and fairness. They are there to help fix and mend relationships above everything else, to make sure that those in conflicts can get past the personality differences and attack the real issues bringing headaches. 
Long live the peacemakers, for they are God’s gift to those who don’t pray.  

* Olavi Popyeinawa Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa Email: olavi@euonymuspost.com

Staff Reporter
2020-10-07 09:19:00 | 1 months ago

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