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Dispatched thoughts - The love that fathers give and get

2020-06-24  Staff Reporter

Dispatched thoughts - The love that fathers give and get
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Consider yourself lucky and blessed if you have both your parents in your life or they have been a part of your life at some point. Consider yourself even more blessed if you have a father who is with you and loves you dearly. Like many, my father has always been the greatest man in my life, my whole world revolves around him, as a father he is and has always been with me.

Many people go through their lives without knowing who their fathers are or them not being a part of their lives. It’s unfortunate as a father is one of God’s greatest gift to a person, especially one that loves and care for you dearly.

Even though some fathers can have a heavy hand and their actions not be understood by those that love them, you can never doubt their love, because like any parent in the world they will always have your best interest at heart. It’s incredible really when you think about it, not once do you ever feel alone in the world with a father, you always knew you could count on him to still love you regardless. Unconditional love.
Fathers and father figures have been great influences in making us who we are today. From watching them love our mothers and taking care of them, to them teaching us about life and the world, a father is always there to answer when he is needed. Contrary to popular belief as to the youth and nation, we have been really blessed with the men that have been a part of our lives to this day. Most of them.
Through our ups and downs and our greatest and weakest moments, our fathers have always been there for us. I never felt what it’s like to not have a father.

So, when I say we are who we are today, it’s not because mothers are any less important or influential, it’s because off they love for us. We are who we are because we have fathers in our corners too.
Good men that can become fathers literally and figuratively only come once in every person’s lifetime, count yourself lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to have a father all your life.
It’s one of God’s greatest blessings, only God should be allowed to take away a person so dear and important to your life as a father and mother. Only God.

Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2020-06-24  Staff Reporter

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