• July 9th, 2020

Dispatched thoughts - Valentine’s Day Magic and Love

It’s that time of the year again, possibly the most romantic time of a year – 14 February is just around the corner and based on what has been observed so far, couples could not be more excited as Valentine’s Day draws closer.

In the same mix, it is also a time that causes anxiety and stress for couples – the pressure of having to do something special for your significant other can get overwhelming, especially with the endless options that seem to pop up this time of the year.

The theme of Valentine’s seems to be drifting further away as the years go by. What was supposed to be a day of showing love and appreciating your partner has become in simple terms a ‘budget breaker’. As Valentine’s is commercially marketed as a day to get your partner the best and most expensive gift as a sign of your love, this has left many people with unnecessary financial problems and more often than not an unhappy partner. A total opposite of what everyone intended.

That is not always the case though, even though that happens every now and then, Valentine’s Day is still a remarkable day, beautiful and special in its own way. With its treasured history, it deserves all the hype it receives.

This is also the time people become really creative and sentimental as they find some of the most amazing ways to express their love to their partners; it is a beauty to see. Valentine’s can be a beautiful day; it is always amazing to see how one day can have such an impact on a community – from the children at school all the way up to people in offices – the magic of love! 

One doesn’t really need a specific day to love their partner, which should be an everyday thing. Valentine’s Day just makes it that much more enjoyable and special, because it is a day dedicated to love.
The sad reality is that it is not just for couples; it is a day of love and all the single people shouldn’t be excluded from partaking in the day – maybe some will meet their partners on the day; one never knows.
So, as the spirit of love lives and spreads in the air, hold on tight to those you love and make someone feel special. If Cupid hasn’t shot you yet, he is pointing his arrow in your direction on Valentine’s Day.
-Olavi Popyeinawa

Staff Reporter
2020-02-12 07:35:14 | 4 months ago

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