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Dispatched thoughts - We will never  forget this year

2021-12-01  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - We will never  forget this year
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It’s not a far-off assumption that the year hasn’t been something to write home about; actually, the last two years haven’t been ones for the books. Ever since we entered this decade, things have gotten a little shaky and even the forecast isn’t looking too bright for the coming years; at least in the short term. But while the craziness of the world is going on, don’t forget to enjoy the ride, we might never get another year like this.

Someone pointed out to me recently that what we are going through now is something he hasn’t seen before and mind you, he has spent over six decades in this world. The closest he can think of (in terms of being bad) was during the independence struggle and a drought that ravaged their village in the early 90s. 

This made me realise that we are literally in a historic period in the world. It might not seem like it to us now, but 20 to 30 years from now, we will realise what it is that we lived through; granted we make it through, hopefully we make it through.

They say those who make history and those who witness it see it from different eyes. We will always have different stories and views of what we see or do, but the facts before us will remain the same they will be the central focus of our era.

For all it’s worth, there have been some good things to come out of our situation. One subtle one is how much our government cares for our health. It’s been impressive to see the lengths they would go to ensure the safety and health of the citizens. It’s not just with their vigorous efforts to get the nation vaccinated, but the safety measures implemented to keep the citizens safe during these difficult times.

Times really have changed and normal as we have known it, is changing by the months. Maybe it was inevitable at some point, but it is interesting that it is happening now, or that the catalyst of change is something we didn’t expect it to be.

It might not be ideal what is happening now, but it is happening regardless, and we are in the middle of it right now. Surely it won’t last forever, but when we do emerge from it, it will be something we will never forget.


* Olavi Popyeinawa

* Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

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2021-12-01  Olavi Popyeinawa

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