• July 9th, 2020

DJ Gee to pursue dreams, ambitions

 Onesmus Embula

Real name Gustaf Sheehama, popularly known as DJ Gee is a radio personality who has been a long-time music lover. Growing up in Okando village in the Omusati Region, DJ Gee has five years of media experience. His passion for underground soulful House has proved evident in his very popular podcasts and live streaming video/radio shows. DJ Gee is a radio presenter at Shipi FM in Ondangwa.

2018 taught me... That making mistakes is necessary! Everyone makes mistakes. Nevertheless, there is a catch to how you deal with it. If you tell yourself that you are not going to repeat the same mistake, and avoid it at all costs, you are essentially not learning from your mistakes. What you are doing is running away from why it happened in the first place.

New resolutions for 2019... To pursue my dreams and career ambitions, expanding my business and somewhat be my own boss.
What song describes your life journey?... D-kandjafa - Yapamo Neh. This spits reality of human matters.

What was your favourite gift this year? When my girl friend gave birth to a very beautiful daughter, I was so excited. Oh jah, and opening of PUB 433 in Ondangwa, thanks for the support of my people.

Most curse moment of 2018… Moody’s maintains negative outlook on Namibia’s Ba1 ratings; economic status. 
Last thing that made you laugh?... Being accused of something, I never did.

What fascinates you the most about Namibian entertainment industry?... The motive to make it in life.
Namibian hero of the year…Job Amupanda, his perseverance and commitments to better the lives of young Namibians inspires me.
Worst blunder of 2018… When I posted on Facebook: “I am looking for someone to rent a ‘jacket pot’ at my bar”, lol I meant to say ‘Jackpot’.
Cake or Pie? Pie, any time.
Saddest Namibian reality of 2018… Four farms given to a Russian billionaire. 
Would you rather watch a movie or read a novel?... Well, watch a movie.
What most people do not know about you?... I am simple and a quite person but hard working though. 
What motivates you daily and why?... The fact that the sun rises and keeps shining every day, keeps me going.
Last text that you sent?.... Hambaa, lol
Most overrated trend of 2018?.... Fila and Ellesse clothing brands. 
Message of season’s greetings…. I wish all of you my people a joyous holiday season filled with peace. That said, cheers to the New Year!

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