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DJ Lamiez speaks out on heartbreaking incident

2021-05-18  Staff Reporter

DJ Lamiez speaks out on heartbreaking incident
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DJ Lamiez Holworthy has broken her silence about a very unpleasant experience that took place while at a gig in Zeerust, North West, on Saturday, 15 May.

The Pretoria-born star, who is a Live AMP presenter on SABC1 and Metro FM host, opened up after a video of her being harassed and violated by fans started circulating on social media.

In the video, the DJ and wife of rapper Khuli Chana is surrounded by fans who are rowdy, and are seen touching her and pulling her hair. According to the DJ, some were even touching her bum.

In a series of tweets, Lamiez expressed her anger and disgust at what had happened. She revealed that in her 11 years of gigging, she had never felt so violated, adding that not even eight bodyguards were able to protect her from being harassed in that manner.

“I’ve had 2deal with alot of chaos at gigs (as patiently as possible). 

But I need you to help me make sense of som1 legit PULLING MY HAIR whilst one or two others touched my bum as security tried to escort me out. In the 11 years that I’ve done this, I have never felt so violated.

“8 bodyguards, and even that wasn’t enough!”

Lamiez went on to explain that she loves her work, but she will not be disrespected or treated like an object.

“I love what I do, but I hate what it comes with. People forget that you’re human, and instead treat you like an object!”

The DJ and presenter expressed that the incident made her very upset and emotional that she cries when she talks about it, reiterating that she is not an object.

“Went to bed with such a heavy heart. It’s all good now, or at least it will be.

I need 2stop talking about last night coz it upsets me so much that I end up crying all over again. Not because I am weak, but because of how angry I actually am!

Bottom line? I AM NOT AN OBJECT!!!”

She also thanked her fans for checking up on her, and for the words of comfort.

“Thank you to everyone who reached out. Ke sharp! Ke lesole [I am fine! I am a soldier] - we soldier on. But boundaries? Me? My body?! WILL be respected!!!”

2021-05-18  Staff Reporter

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