• July 3rd, 2020

DJ Mo shakes off troubled past, focuses on his brand

WINDHOEK - Moses Kairimuti, also known as DJ Mo, has decided to put his dark past behind him and concentrate on his brand, which will include MO Cell, MO Q and MO Cash.

Kairimuti is reviving his brand after a three-year hiatus. He took time out to extensively research on how to push his brand forward. His work-in-progress is the rejuvenated MO Cell, which is a cellphone franchise that young people can buy into.

He explained to Entertainment Now! that this initiative is tailormade for small-medium-sized, and large-scale business owners where they set up within establishments, be it salons or cucashops, their stall and sell cellphone accessories and handsets at a cheap price.

MO Q will have anything electrical related. “We did a test run in 2007 at which we donated laptops and had subwoofers. It [MO Q] stands for Mo Quality, so here we will have stoves, fridges, kettles, hairdryers, etc,’’ he pointed out.

The third arm of the brand will be MO Cash, which will help upcoming business people who have problems borrowing money from the bank. MO Cash will assist young people to procure products for their small-to-medium enterprise (SME) businesses that always get the short end of the deal. 

“If I want to empower someone, for example, somebody at a salon why should we give you money to buy hair clippers? Why can’t we procure that for you because we have a network of logistics with a company that has been doing that for 30 years in the manufacturing sector? Banks will not lend you that kind of money and it causes stress at the end,” DJ Mo said.

MO Q will also assist in funding projects that would use the clients’ collateral and turn it into equity and that equity becomes collateral. The clients, in turn, become partners with an exit strategy put in place once the money invested has been recovered.

Asked whether his turbulent past, which includes controversy at the Namibia Music Industry Union and Base FM, would affect his business ventures going forward, he said it was gossip and nothing ever stuck to prove he was at fault. 

“I’m not entertaining anything that happened in the past; we have created credible business models that are flourishing. We’re not looking for money, not looking for investors, nor bank money for that matter. We roll out, it’s a business we’re gonna create and employment for young people. We moving forward,” he said.
Kairimuti also informed Entertainment Now! that they will have a media launch soon, which will have a roll-out plan in place.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-07-26 13:25:21 | 11 months ago

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