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Dj Siya finally releases Kabunya

2020-12-04  Strauss Lunyangwe

Dj Siya finally releases Kabunya
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After deciding to hold back his album release in November for the slain victims in the Zambezi region recently, Dj Siya has finally dropped his anticipated album titled ‘Kabunya’.

The album was recorded in three different countries, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland, produced by Mr Glo Solani Zulu, Dj Shoza , DJ Navie Djvuyo just to mention a few. Quizzed by Entertainment Now! on why he named the album ‘Kabunya’, he said because a lot of people relate to the word Kabunya and it has a very strong meaning and message. “A lot of people who do well in life look down on those that are still finding their way up, so Kabunya means slowly but surely they shall find their up. We should never look down on people,”  he explained. 

Even after postponing the album release, CD sales have not been affected that much while the pandemic has hampered artists abilities to properly market their work. “The sales are very well and people are coming onboard. Yes, social media is one of the platforms that has helped me to promote my album, I believe in promoting my work for people to get a clue of what I do. 2020  has not been easy a lot of shows and other activities were cancelled due to the pandemic. We didn’t have control of the situation so we put everything in God’s hands and keep praying that it ends, ”  he said. 

The official release party will be today at Jokers as it is also the Dj’s birthday with a heavy line-up of supporting acts such as Sunny Boy, PDK, Dj Vuyo and Dj Mdu.
The album has guest appearances from Petersen Zagaze, YCoast all from Zambia, Culture Spears (Botswana), Gazza, Sunny Boy, Adora, and Tate Buti.

In time for December...Dj Siya released his latest offering titled ‘Kabunya’.Photo Contributed

2020-12-04  Strauss Lunyangwe

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