• September 22nd, 2019

DJ Siya launches debut album


KATIMA MULILO - Siyaya Sikalumbu better known as DJ Siya is perhaps the most recognised artist nationally to have emerged from the Zambezi Region. He is set to launch his debut album this week on Friday, although he has already enjoyed massive airplay on radio stations with the release of his singles. Born in the Ngoma area, Sikalumbu showed interest in music at a very young age and describes himself as a DJ who later saw it fit to release an album. “I am originally a DJ not an artist. I started long back when we still used cassette players. It was not easy back in the days. I never used to pull any crowds like I do now. People have been urging me to release an album and I am just fulfilling their wishes,” he said. Sikalumbu said the album consists of 12 tracks titled Malengaula (thunder and lightning in Silozi) is a compilation of house music that will have revellers “going down on their feet”. “The album is about having a good time as we approach the festive season. Most of my songs are sampled from folklore songs we used to sing when we were growing up,” said Sikalumbu. Already songs such as Sigeje, Malengaula and Crazy are popular in the Zambezi Region. On the album, Sikalumbu has collaborated with artists such as PDK, Promise, Glo and Exit. His music transcends borders and he often works with artists such as Peter Zagaze from Zambia. The album launch will take place at King Lounge the former Chez Temba VIP in Windhoek. Supporting artists at the launch will include La Timmy, one of the biggest house artists in Botswana, PDK, Spinny and the Green Kids, Mr Makoya, Kwaito Lager and promise. House DJs are expected to grace the stage including DJ Copper from Botswana and local DJs such as DJ Steven, Afro Berries, DJ Charlie Base and DJ Mukankara. The second album launch will take place in his hometown of Katima Mulilo at a popular watering hole. Sikalumbu who complained that piracy was derailing the efforts of artists in Namibia called for support to grow the industry. “It is a bit hard here in Katima Mulilo to break through. People don’t support local artists and piracy is a problem. Equally, I would advise artists in the region to produce albums that appeal to people outside the region in order to sell.” Sikalumbu said he was touched by the destruction of homesteads by fire in the Zambezi and therefore intends to host a party to raise money for the victims.
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2014-10-28 07:57:11 4 years ago

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