• August 7th, 2020

DJ trio to host dancing competition


Tuulikki Abraham Black Movement is hosting a dancing competition as a way of giving back to their community and also to allow the young ones to explore their talents as dancers. “The entry requirements are not stringent, a group of not more than 6 members can enter, and N$ 200 registration fee is required”, says group’s manager Morach Kenahama. He promises that the selection process will be fair, as only three groups will go to the final round battling for a cash price of N$1 500. “ With the profit we make from this competition we aim at giving a portion of it to the soup kitchens here in Lüderitz and also buy blankets to give to the needy, since our town is always cold”, he adds. They are thus appealing to good Samaritans for sponsorship and have already sent out letters to different companies and are still awaiting responses. The dancing competition is set for August 31. The group started off as the Manga Family in 2009 with five dancers and later became a six-member dancing group. In 2013 it transformed into the current trio. The group has been known as best dancing group in the harbour town and a have become a household name. They have taken their talents to different towns on different dancing platforms where people got to know them much better. “The reason we went into dancing was not just to make money for ourselves but because we enjoyed dancing and entertaining people”, says manager Morach. He adds that dancing is their escape way from peer pressure and the tentacles of alcohol and drug abuse which is destroying young people. “To explore different towns and perform is one of our best highlights as dancers. We, however, split up and separated since some of the members moved to other towns, some of the dancers’ parents took their kids out. As I failed my Grade 10 and I went on to improve my results and ever since, I have been dancing”, attests Morach. In 2016 Black Movement replaced the Silent Killer group. Morach [19] says the all the three group’s members are disk jockeys (DJs), and are friends who came together to form a DJ group with the aim of hosting entertainment shows. He adds that they moved from being dancers to Disc Jockeys (DJ), something which they also enjoy doing. For sponsorship they can be contacted on cellphone number 0818616227
New Era Reporter
2018-08-03 11:07:28 | 2 years ago

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