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Opinion - Do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams

2021-09-28  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams
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Alina Pokolo

When we are born our mind wanders and naturally, we aspire to become something great.

At times, the dream of becoming someone big in life is influenced by those around you, who can either make you dream big or small.

However, not many of us are able to pursue what we really want and get over all the obstacles to make those dreams a reality.

Because of the challenges and obstacles, I faced as a little girl, I thought it might be a good idea to write out my heart and motivate someone who is about to give up, especially in the current era where there is hopelessness and negativity topping the list.

It is very important to understand that no matter who you are, you were born to contribute to the world.

You are a unique individual that has a purpose and no matter what you think your limitations are, you can become someone great.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we let the mind control us, and feelings determine our next step.

Sadly, if you want to succeed in life, you must get out of your comfort zone, deny yourself some pleasures and pursue your goal no matter how many obstacles you face.

The road to greatness is never smooth; there will always be mountains, valleys, and thorns along the way.

Let me tell you about me: growing up, I knew deep down inside me I wanted to help the sick and just comfort those that are suffering.

Unfortunately, at a young age, I ended up being the sick one and almost died. By God’s grace I survived and managed to go back to school. As if battling diabetes from a very young age was not enough, I lost my dad, and my world came tumbling down.

It took me time to finally pick up the pieces and move on with life. I would not have made it this far if it were not for the support of my family, and I will forever be grateful.

I managed to complete my grade 12 in 2019 but due to all the weights on my shoulders, I did not manage to get above 25 points in grade 12.

Having a passion of helping people, my dreams became a reality when I was accepted at Welwitchia Health Training Centre in Windhoek to pursue a certificate in enrolled nursing and midwifery.

I was very happy, and I felt like a million dollar. Little did I know that I was about to face another giant which challenged to break everything within me. I travelled from the north to Windhoek, excited that I will finally make my late dad and mom proud.

It is as if I could see myself in that white uniform that I wanted so much, serving the sick and comforting them.

I jumped into a taxi that was to take me to Otjomuise from the bus stop; unfortunately, the taxi driver had other plans for me. He almost raped me, and I almost got killed; however, God never left my sight and I managed to escape the hand of death once again.

Very traumatised from this ordeal, I had to go through many counselling sessions and sometimes I get flashbacks of that day but even that did not stop me from becoming who I am.

I bumped into an angel that told me to keep pursuing my dream and never to give up, and her message was like a light straight into my dark soul by then. I will be forever grateful for those kind words; you have no idea how much they keep me going.

Fast-forward, I managed to overcome all the fears, and I started my studies currently in my second year of the enrolled nursing course.

My story may not be your story, but I want to encourage someone who might be at the verge of giving up because they feel like they are at the crossroads.

Your life may be challenging but there is always help available, you just need to scream big for support. If you are going through depression, there are social workers, psychologists who can help us.

Talk to friends and family members and seek help when the odds are against you. You might not get a solution overnight but reaching out will prompt others to help you.

All in all, remember that no matter how high the mountain feels like, do not stop climbing and do not look back unless if you want to draw lessons learned along the way.

When you meet up with failure along the way, remember that it is seasonal and do not stay down for too long, keep moving ahead.

Not everyone will support you along the journey, and you need to remember that it is your journey and not everyone will understand it. You therefore need to keep pushing yourself especially when it feels like discouragement is setting in.

Surrounding yourself with people that think like you help to keep negativity away, and for my peers, social media is another distraction that only drags us back and prevents us from reaching our goals.

As a student, I decided to focus on my studies and cut away all the unnecessary activities that will prevent me from succeeding. I am grateful to my lecturers because they are always available to coach, mentor and support us when we need them.


My final piece of advice is: it is never late to start dreaming again and to pursue those dreams. No matter what you face in life, it should not stop you from moving on, seek help and continue pursuing your dreams; it will be worth it in the end.



2021-09-28  Staff Reporter

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